Go-Go Elite Traveller

The quickest way to travel.

One of Pride® Mobility’s first mobility scooters to the ‘Travel Mobility range’, the Go-Go Elite Traveller®’s compact design allows it to manoeuver easily within tight spaces while providing stable outdoor performance. The Go-Go Elite Traveller®’s unique design enables it to have a quick and simple Feather-touch disassembly.


The Go-Go Elite Traveller 4 mobility scooter by Pride offers an affordable boot scooter that enables the person using it to get out and about. Ideal for short trips outdoors, such as around the shops, the Go-Go Elite Traveller has a compact design allowing it to manoeuvre easily in tight spaces that larger scooters can’t manage. The scooter is simple to disassemble into five manageable parts, with the heaviest weighing just 14.75kg. This allows it to be lifted into the back of a car, where it can be conveniently stowed for transport.

A maximum speed of 4mph is more than sufficient for getting around, while the twin 12Ah batteries provide all the power the Go-Go Elite Traveller needs.The battery can be removed, allowing it to be charged separately to the main body of the scooter. A handy removable deck basket can be used to carry items around securely, complementing the front tiller-mounted basket. The four wheels offer stability not found on smaller, three-wheel scooters.

The Go-Go is available in either red or blue, and we can supply any of these, whether you’re hiring on a short-term basis, long-term basis, or purchasing one – just remember to ask! If hiring on a long-term basis or purchasing, a larger 17Ah battery for an extended range is also available as an upgrade for a small extra cost.

If you are looking to regain your independence by hiring a mobility scooter for short trips outdoors, then the Go-Go Elite Traveller offers the ideal solution. The simple controls are well-suited to those lacking experience with scooters and are easy for a novice to pick up. The scooter can be disassembled with a single hand, with no fiddly parts to disconnect, and its small size means it can be conveniently stored between use.


The Go-Go Elite Traveller®’s unique design enables it to have a quick and simple Feather-touch disassembly.


Once you’ve purchased your scooter it’s important to keep it in tip-top shape. At Batricar Mobility Centre we recommend having your scooter serviced at least once a year. That way we can detect any issue which may be present before they become a major problem and help keep your scooter running for as long as it can!

We are delighted to offer two different kinds of servicing options, to suit your needs as best as possible. Firstly, you can simply drop your electric scooter into our workshop either in New Milton or Wimborne, or we can come to your house and perform the service on-site from one of our fully stocked mobile service vehicles. The choice is yours. Our service technicians cover the whole of Dorset and Hampshire, and we have fully equipped service facilities in our workshops at both New Milton and Wimborne.


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